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British & German Kitchens in Greenwich

Victoria Kitchens is a family-owned supplier of British and German Kitchens in Greenwich, delivering high quality kitchens at affordable kitchen prices. Based in Greenwich, we serve here and the wider London area as well as parts of Kent. Our kitchens are created for those who don’t want the same as everybody else, but for those who want a statement space in their homes that is free of limitations and constraints! This is a chance to create the perfect space where your family can gather, you can maximize your room in the way you want and need it, and it’s a place where your inner chef can truly shine!

Why Clients Choose Victoria Kitchens in Greenwich?

At the heart of Victoria Kitchens is owner Stefan; with over 30 years’ experience in kitchen design and installation, Stefan knows everything there is to know about kitchens, and this is why people come to us time and again! …For example, he understands what kitchens are made from, how they are manufactured and with what machinery. With personal experience of installing most, he also knows every existing kitchen brand. He knows their quality, which brands treat customers well, and which have the flexibility to allow for something truly special.
Using this knowledge and experience to best effect, Stefan has handpicked a range of British and German kitchen brands which together mean Victoria Kitchens has something for everyone, and so that what we can offer is different from everyone else. 

British and German Kitchens in Greenwich

At Victoria Kitchens we want to give you the exact kitchen you want and for this reason our Greenwich kitchen showroom offers a wide choice of kitchen brands including British as well as German kitchens. The choice between a British and a German kitchen depends on your personal preference and specific needs and requirements. Both styles have their own strengths and unique design elements:

British Kitchens

British kitchens, on the other hand, are renowned for their traditional and timeless design, often incorporating classic elements such as wood cabinetry and neutral colour palettes. They often have a more homely feel and are designed to reflect the personality and style of the homeowner. 

German Kitchens

In general, German kitchens are known for their high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and innovative kitchen design features such as modular units and efficient storage solutions. They are often modern and sleek in design, with a focus on functionality and ergonomics. 

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Our Choice of Kitchen Brands

Ultimately, the choice between a British or German kitchen will depend on your personal taste, needs and budget but here at Victoria Kitchens, we are dedicated to delivering the kitchen you have always dreamed of! We believe in perfection and want to give you a kitchen exactly the way you want it and personalized to the smallest detail. This is why we have partnered with 5 very different German kitchen The manufacturers :  Rotpunkt, Ballerina, Brigitte, Impulse , & the British manufacturer caledonia

Working with a total of five different manufacturers, allows us to create any kind of kitchen you want. From hundreds of door front colours, carcass colours, carcass sizes, surface textures and finishes, our customers have the most options a London kitchen design studio can offer!

How Much Does a Kitchen Cost?

As with most kitchen suppliers, one of the first questions customers ask on entering our London kitchen showroom is, ‘How much does a kitchen cost?’  The answer to this varies significantly based on factors such as how big your kitchen space is (which affects how many units you need), as well as the kitchen brand you choose and the caliber of appliances and finishes you opt for. 
At Victoria Kitchens our kitchen prices start from £10,000 for our entry level kitchens. However; the diversity of our kitchen brands mean we can equally provide much more premium finishes as well. We will gladly explain our brands different price groups, advising on what will work best for your kitchen goals, and your budget. In turn our team will always strive to give you the best possible kitchen for the budget you have available.

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Showroom Amenities

Victoria Kitchens Greenwich showroom is easy to find in the Charlton Riverside Place shopping center. With Sainsburys right next to us, as well as many other shops nearby, there is plenty for you to do during your visit! There is generous parking outside which is free for up to 4 hours, although if you need longer, we will gladly book and pay for this. Our Greenwich kitchen showroom is family friendly, and we are always available if you want to call in for a browse or ask any questions. Alternatively, we kindly ask you to book in advance if you want to take advantage of our free kitchen design service.

Victoria Kitchens Service Areas

Greenwich Kitchen Showroom

At Victoria Kitchens we know there’s nothing like seeing and touching a product to give a sense of how it’s built and what it can do. As such, we welcome you into our Greenwich kitchen showroom where you can fully explore our range of kitchen furniture, worktops, and appliances.

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C, Charlton Riverside Centre, 375 Woolwich Rd, London SE7 7AJ 

Monday – Friday: 10am – 4pm

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Appointments available outside opening hours.

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What Makes Victoria Kitchens Unique

British Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Britain to the highest standard.

German Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Germany to the highest standard.

5 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 5 Year Guarantee.

Fully-Fitted Kitchens

Our kitchens are fully fitted with our made-to-measure service.

British Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Britain to the highest standard.

British Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Britain to the highest standard.

5 Year Guarantee

All of our fitted kitchens come with a full 5 Year Guarantee.

British Kitchens

Our kitchens are manufactured in Britain to the highest standard.


We are offering up to 100% discount on kitchen fitting services. Discount depends on the kitchen range chosen. For limited time only, please contact us for more details!